I just read this article by Brian Hopkins posted in June 2011. I believe he realises the need for short term 'Tactical solutions'. I have always thought this way and many times I have been set back with this thought but the reality is the show must go on. So a pracmatic approach to Enterprise Architecture most of the time is valid and even supported by the owner of the enterprise. There is little point in waiting until everything is in place if there is too much risk and time will always increase the risk. His blog is at: http://blogs.forrester.com/brian_hopkins/11-06-20-enterprise_data_management_is_not_the_holy_grail

I think enabling agility as a strategic goal is always a challenge where the return is long term, and there are the immediate business needs where one has to be creative and to an extent reactive and implement fit for purpose solutions. The idea of having two plans  and work them in parallel wth their own focus is valid. At the end we have to keep the enterprise as competitive as possible and we cannot let our customes wait until the master plan is finished.

@linkedin: "Finally someone who thinks immediate needs in EA. http://bit.ly/k8wTRG"